Visit to a Tulip Farm with kids

Looking for a spring activity for the entire family, wanna get some great family pics clicked, dreaming of getting a romantic couple getaway or just wanna enjoy a breezy spring afternoon with your parents and fam – add the TASC, Tulip Farm located at Fenwick, Ontario to your list of todo’s.

This year, we have decided to explore the locales of Ontario under the #newparentwoestravels series. With us this year, You would witness some hidden gems which are located in Ontario, along with some great tips for travelling with kids and also a brief review about how the location is for a family getaway.

I have Netherland Tulip festival on my bucket list and pandemic has made me more creative way to satisfy my search for Tulips this year and I found this beautiful, dreamy, insta-worthy location at just 1.5 hours away from our home in Greater Toronto Area. The icing on the cake – its situated on Niagra-on-the-lake area and is surrounded by many beautiful wineries and scenic roadways.

TASC Tulip Pick Farm is located just 1 hour drive from Toronto and trasports you to the scenic beauty of Netherlands in our own Ontario. Furthermore, this place boasts of more than 2 million tulips and is just a simple myriad of colours. You have some thousands of varieties of Tulips – ones you have never seen to the magnificent red ones.

2 million Tulips

Our trip was very worthwhile and read on to know the tips for your next visit to this farm and also some do’s and dont’s if you are taking kids along.

Overall review of our visit to the tulip farm is summed up below:

1. Perfectly organized parking lot with @tascgrowtogether staff guiding each car to the parking spot – absolutely mess free! You don’t have to worry about parking.

2. Fully kid friendly, stroller friendly farm – I could take the stroller into the fields a few times without any issue. Its all mud around and hence even if kids fall while exploring, they don’t get hurt much. Yes, they do get muddy though!

3. Personalized guidance on how to pick your own tulips from the farm. The TASC staff teaches you on how to pluck your tulips without hurting the tulip plant and bulb. – A new skill added.

4. Two Food trucks with 2 huge tents, picnic tables for quenching your thirst and hunger.  

5. Baskets and insta-worthy props on the location. Look up the reel I have posted on Instagram and enjoy the highlights.

6. Very much social distanced right from the entrance of the farm to the exit, the time slot entries provided limited people access to the field during any given two hour blocks. We took off our masks once we got to the fields.

And finally Just a very serene view to sit back and rejoice in the beauty of nature! 

Taking kids out for a farm visit, needs to have its do’s and dont’s and post my visit I did have a few tricks and tips for all the new parents or anyone who is wanting to explore the Tulip Farm in Ontario next spring. Trust me, your experience will maximize if you follow on.

  1. Always check weather before planning the trip. I choose a very sunny day – pros and cons of that – but my advise do look up while you are booking your tickets.
  2. Huge caps & sunglasses for everyone in the family. Do not, Read DONOT forget your caps and sunnies. The farm is an open space and you donot have trees or sheds in the middle of the farm so it tends to get too sunny and bright.
  3. Sunscreen for kids – a must if you are going on a sunny day like us.
  4. Comfortable footwear – As you know Tulips are planted in a rows and which makes the walk a little wobbly if you are not in your comfortable shoes. Also its a huge farm and you need to walk a lot to look at each variety up, close and personal. So carry your photo-op shoes but string along your most comfortable pair for the exploration of the farm post your pics are done.
  5. Water – Very crucial. Carry your water bottles, though there are 2 food trucks but when you are walking inside the farm – the trucks are far off and just for the water you will not want the kids to go crazy for the walk up to the truck so carry good amount of water with you. Some snacks swell will be worth it.
  6. Umbrellas, Folding chair and a wagon – not very important however if you have grandparents, very young kids with you – you might want to take a wagon with some foldable chairs and umbrellas for the instant spot of rest middle of the Tulip field.

To add to it, the staff is super friendly and I had to exit twice to the parking lot to nurse T and they gladly allowed the entry exit of the new moms. We spent around 3 hours in total at the farm, bought home some 50 Tulips handpicked by Little Miss K who was really happy and excited to tell tales of her farm visit to her entire class.

Honestly the total visit costed us just under 200$ for our family with kids under 3 are free to enter, it left us with everlasting memories.

On to our next travel location next week and will keep you guys posted. Keep following us on Instagram and Facebook.

Unti then, Stay Sane parents



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