Must visit places in Mexico with kids

Hola Mexico! Alas we arrived in Mexico and must say our landing itself we realized that we are going to have a lot of fun in the sun.

The sun country is loved for its crystal clear beaches, hospitality, cenotes and mayan history. We were warned and given strict instructions of not venturing in the city as not many consider Mexico safe with or without kids. However as avid travellers and super chilled parents we travel with utmost care for our kids and like to research and use our grey cells than believing the grape vine. And with our research and thoughtful selection of the entire itinerary- I must say proudly – we safely arrived, roamed around and had helluva fun in this beautiful beachy country. Read more to find out how we did it.

View from the hotel room

As Canadians we don’t need visa on arrival for Mexico so it was just about a good ground work and packing of bags! Believe me, once you read our list of things in the travel bags, you won’t need to break your head incase you are planning to visit Mexico with a baby, toddler or big kids.

The best thing about Mexico as a country is that kids feel so welcomed here, every resort and restra will have kids menu on the table, there are lot of activities to be done with kids, and most public places will have attractions for kids. So our top 5 places in Mexico where we had fun and never had to worry a bit as below:

  1. All inclusive beach side resort on the Cancun Resort strip with a great kids club – We choose IBEROSTAR and the reason was the ultimate reviews of their food, kids club and hospitality. This is not a sponsored post and still we love to rave about Iberostar as our stay there has been once of the best ever in the recent past.
  2. Cenotes – The best hidden miracle of Mother Nature. We were awestruck with the first glance of cenotes. It was worth the drive in the Yucantan peninsula where almost 30,000 cenotes are buried. You can visit any of it or many of it if you have time – swimming in the cenotes is an experience worth trying. Its serene and surreal and I can probably write two more pages about my experience of swimming in a cenotes. You get life jackets of all types, super clean changing rooms and great restra for lunch all around the cenotes as they are major crowd pullers.
  3. Isla Mujeres – A beautiful island in North where carribean sea and gulf of mexico meet. The island is 7 kms long and it was one of our best walking and biking ever. Post a lot of walking on the streets, we rented bicycles and explored the island. I would say one day isn’t enough and we will be going back for at least 2-3 nights in just Isla Mujeres. So many shopping spots, street food including lip-smacking churros and sea food bustling with white sand beaches, plenty of snorkelling space and amazing food! Ferries are there to reach the island from the resort strip.
  4. Chichén Itzá -One of the seven wonders of the world with such rich history that Little Miss K was so engrossed in the story telling of our guide that she forgot her lunch hour. It is a large pre-Columbian city built by the Maya people of the Terminal Classic period and has pyramid structures. When you are here, don’t forget to take a registered guide as their stories are so mesmerizing that will leave you grasping for more. Its a place to walk around so a lightweight stroller, baby carrier is a must with a good sun hat and lots of sunscreen.
  5. Rivera Maya – is the southern tip of Mexico and boasts of all inclusive resorts. We simply paid a visit to check out the beaches and must say our next trip we will settle down here for its scenic beauty. The drive from Cancun was one hour with scenic beauty all the way long. There are multiple beaches and party spots but we loved Holbox for its 3 feet deep crystal blue waters and soft sand banks for evening stroll spotting the flamingos around us.
Taking a dip in cenote in Tulum
High speed yacht ride to Isla Mujeres
A stroll at Chichén Itzá
Exploring Mayan culture in the Mexico City
Learning the Mayan instruments

I am sure if you visit these 5 places with a kid, your kids will thank you immediately and you would be on the beach sipping wine! These memories are well scripted in our hearts and three of us would love to go back to Mexico at a drop of the hat any given day. And the next time we have these places on our list of must visit:

  1. Zoo and safari
  2. Xcaret Park
  3. Cabo Pulmo National park with reef
  4. Laz posas
  5. The arch of Cabo san lucas

Hoping you liked our quick view of Mexico travelling with kids and tips to stay safe while in Mexico. Do let us know you feedback if you happen to use our itenary and tricks.

Admiring the shades of blue

Until then, stay sane


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