The ordeal of #Firstdayofschool -from the eyes of a Dad!

Just as the summers begins to end, the schools reopens and the commercial world is ready to tap on this moment too!

As a responsible father I would strive to give my little one the best things when she starts her school. It was not in my schema of things that I will have to do this mandatory #backtoschool shopping which turns out to be much adventurous than I have ever imagined.

New shoes (read 3 pairs of shoes and this is not including her dance shoes) so in total 4 pair of shoes, umpteen number of daily wear, gym wear, New bag (last year bag is soo new still – hardly these guys use it in school ) , New lunch bag and lunch (where did the last year one go – that Disney one that costed me a year of my coffee!) and lots of very necessary stuff!

Yes, we always have the list when we go shopping but somehow the list is magically disappeared when we enter the mall. So what we have memory – yes the parents memory. And we start the shopping.

Suddenly in the middle of the shopping activity I realize that we are shopping for My shoes (what wait – MY), her Katespade Laptoo bag (laptop bag!) and if I write here everything I will once again go into a state on un-normal mindset which I had that night when I started the summation of all the bills of our #backtoschool shopping done for a 6 year old.

Dont blame Dads if they loose their shit during these structured, listed and very important #backtoschool shopping activity.

See a glimpse of what I went through but at the end I had two very happy girls at home so it’s all worth it!

Keep the sanity in check Dads!




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